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Text-to-911 Technology Now Available to Western Wayne Communities

Pursuant to the Michigan Emergency Telephone Service Enabling Act, P.A. 32 as amended, 2008 P.A. 379, on April 14, 2009 the Wayne County Commission authorized by resolution a Wayne County 9-1-1  operational surcharge of $0.42 per applicable communication device effective  July 1, 2009.

The $0.42 is assessed on all wireline, wireless and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) customers in Wayne County. (MCL 484.1401b [1]-[a]-[c]) The county local charges are determined by individual counties and will vary across the state.  For commercial customers that  have multiple access points and multiple access lines, after the first ten access points/line there is a reduction of one surcharge for every ten access points/lines.  (MCL 484.1401b [12])

The local/Wayne County operational surcharge is collected on a monthly  basis and remitted quarterly to the Wayne County Treasurer’s office.  MCL 484.140 b [5]

The countywide surcharge may be adjusted annually on July 1, with notice to the State 9-1-1 Committee no later than April 1.  (MCL 484.1401b [6])

A monthly county-based technical surcharge is collected by local exchange  providers (landline) as set out in  MCL 484.140d (1)-(5). Technical surcharges are the providers fund to collect and keep or participate in the pooling agreement. Emergency Service Districts should not be receiving any technical surcharges. The fund is managed by McCartney & Company.  Contact Mr. Ed Rebman at (517) 347-5000,  rebmaned@mcco-cpa.com  for additional information on technical surcharges.

The provisions of the Act also provide protection to communication service  providers for confidential information provided to the County regarding the number of customers (MCL 484.1401b[11]) subject to the County 9-1-1 Operational Surcharge.

This legislation will sunset on December 31, 2021.