Support Senate Bill 400 and House Bill 4651- Next Generation 911 Funding

Support House Bill 4290- Limiting local government liability in heavy rain events

Support House Bill 4100- Stormwater Utility Funding 

Oppose House Bill 4503 and Senate Bill 329- Limits local control on rental housing

Oppose House Bills 4431 and 4432- Expands legislative subpoena power into local government records 

Oppose Senate Bills 305-310- Restricts TIFAs from capturing increments from library millages

Oppose House Bill 4160- Allows solicitation for funds in public roadways

Oppose Senate Bill 221- Exempts Masonic Lodges from property taxes

Support House Bill 4397- Tax Tribunal Reform

Support House Bills 4150-4157- Expands FOIA to the legislature


Legislative priorities



GLWA to be Involved in Lead Testing Rules

Support Wayne County Parks Millage


Fireworks opposition

Oppose Presumptive Parole

Support Text to 9-1-1


Regional Water Authority

Repeal Consumer Firework Sales